Keith Rankin's commentaries in 
The New Zealand Political Review

Volume 9, 2000:

ISSUE 1: The Millennium Perspective
    Looking back far enough to get some feel for the future.


Volume 8, 1999:

ISSUE 4: Economic Internationalism
    Internationalisation, globalisation & neomercantilist reality at the eve of APEC.

ISSUE 3: Sweet William's Swansong
    a brief analysis of the 1999 Budget.

ISSUE 2: The Prisoners Dilemma
    Competition, Cooperation or Deception as economic strategies.

ISSUE 1: A Matter of Principal
    Who is 'the Public' that Public Policy should Serve?


Volume 7, 1998:

ISSUE 4: Compulsory Freedom
    On Karl Polanyi's The Great Transformation and its relevance for New Zealand's economic and social reforms.

ISSUE 4: Riders on the Storm
    Review of Brian Easton's In Stormy Seas, a study of New Zealand's post-war political economy.

ISSUE 3: Persuasive Compulsion; why do we pay our taxes?
    On the concept of "quasi-voluntary compliance" applied to taxation, work and savings.

ISSUE 2: Revisiting the UBI
    On rival views of Universal Basic Income, and bringing together diverse traditions of universal income thought.

ISSUE 1: Self-Interest and the 'War of All against All'
    Enlightened versus unsocialised (Hobbesian) self-interest.


Volume 6, 1997:

ISSUE 5: Immanuel Wallerstein on World Revolution
    Immanuel Wallerstein on "utopistics"; world systems theory from 1789 to 2050.

ISSUE 4: Teach your Children Well
    On the issues behind the 1997 referendum on compulsory retirement savings.

ISSUE 3: Demonic Calculations
    On scientific and economic rationalism.

ISSUE 2: An Appropriate Fraction
    On tax benefits and social dividends.

ISSUE 1: A Battle of Ideas; Alliance vs. Act on Public Policy
    On the differences between economic and business perspectives of sound public policy.


Volume 5, 1996:

ISSUE 3: Investing in Children
    On some of the issues raised at the April 1996 Massey (Albany) conference on
"The Multiple Effects of Poverty on Children and Young People: Issues and Answers".


Volume 4, 1995:

ISSUE 5: Why do We Seek so Much Work?
    On working harder and longer despite labour-saving technology.


Volume 3, 1994:

ISSUE 5: "Reactionary Rhetoric:
   The Strategies of Adversarial Political Economy"; pp.12-15.

ISSUE 4: "Dividing the Cake:
   The New Zealand Economy in the 2010s"; pp.16-23.

ISSUE 3: "Dividing the Cake:
   Concepts of Class, Justice and Environment for a New Century"; pp.16-24.

ISSUE 2: "Wages, Taxes and the Economic Recovery"; pp.8-12.

ISSUE 1: For the Common Weal; pp.12-15.
    On the political economy of John Carruthers, NZ Engineer in Chief, 1871 to 1878.


Volume 2, 1993:

ISSUE 4: "Lies, Damn Lies and the "Spirit of Recovery"'; pp.9-13.

ISSUE 3: "The Means by Which we Live Beyond our Means"; pp.24-28.

ISSUE 2: "Child Support and the Welfare Mess"; pp.11-15.

ISSUE 1: "Are New Zealanders getting Poorer?" (Word version) (PDF version); pp.11-15.


Volume 1, 1992:

November/December: "A 20-year Malaise?".

October/November: "Employment Rates in Australia and New Zealand".

September: Pensions, Money and Mercantilism.
    On the effect of the view that money is wealth on our understanding of retirement income.

April: The Universal Welfare State (pdf version).  Revised version of
    The Universal Welfare State; incorporating proposals for a Universal Basic Income (pdf version).


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